1 Be an eye-opener 


  2 Convey a theme or idea every time

  3 Entertain viewers/listeners/readers

  4 Bring forth the truth unadulterated 

  5 Promote beauty consciousness 

  6 Sustain peaceful coexistence

  7 Inspire consistent effort to attain goals

  8 Educate without judging 

  9 Help them to sort out right from wrong

10 Protect peace and harmony 

11 Encourage friendliness among people

12 Promote principles values and fairness 

13 Discourage evil and evil people 

14 Promote progressive thinking 

15 Always encourage developmental projects 

16 Protect true history through documentation 

17 Inform people of great opportunities 

18 Save the public from superstitions 

19 Protect people from scams and traps

20 Warn the public of dangers and destruction 

21 Keep leaders accountable to the public 

22 Protect people from religious craziness 

23 Give face to victims of tragedies

24 Encourage efficient leadership 

25 Verbalize public concerns 

26 Strengthen people to attain their rights 

27 Promote agriculture and industry 

28 Introduce scientific developments 

29 Sustain life with integrity and truthfulness 

30 Protect nature and the environment.


Copyright: Jacob Easo, Houston 

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Member: Indo-American Press Club

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