Dear Keralites in All Continents:         

            A large number of people around the world have watched the attached two-minute video clip in which a snake and a bird(wood pecker)are fighting fiercely.

Both creatures sincerely wanted to win, but ended up bruised and wounded. My guess is that both bled to death in a few hours.

            The truth is that nobody ever had won a family fight or a church fight. The sooner husbands, wives, and church members realize this truth, the better our chances for survival and future happiness. Notice the bird's blood-soaked feathers in the snake's repulsive mouth.  Notice also the snake's blood-oozing body particles stuck in the sharp beak of the bird. The bird keeps on pecking the snake, and the snake keeps on striking/biting the bird.  Their anger (pride and dignity)would not allow either party to give up. There seems to be no end for the fight, but there would surely be an end. It is going to be death for both creatures. Some family and church fights seem to have no end, but there will be an end---the definite end will be shame and doom, unless both parties repent or at least one of the parties repent and turn the battle over to God, the Lord of the Hosts.

            Will you kindly post this attachment and Sermon Links(Husband-Wife-Relationship)on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media networking sites. Will you please upload the above on social and religious websites, so others can watch it and realize that it is not worth fighting with the wicked snake. The wicked has nothing to lose, but a child of God has many things to lose. We do not have to visit hell to see the wicked snakes; they are right here in our own churches and homes, and some of them participate in the Lord's Supper, and some may even claim they speak in tongues. When they start a fight, we need to swallow our pride and dignity and simply avoid them. If that does not stop the snake, start fasting and praying.   

            Let us join hands together to create an atmosphere of unity, reconciliation, and restoration in Malayalee homes and churches around the world. Let us not waste time, energy, money, or other resources fighting.  Forsake stubbornness, jealousy, greed, and immorality.

            I believe, in spite of all problems the church world faces today, true revival will prevail.  IPC President Pastor Jacob John recently led a successful forty-day fasting and prayer. I watched on the internet multiple thousands of people assemble at Kumbanad  worshipping and  rejoicing just like they worshipped  in the days of our grandparents. Members and leaders of  the Church of God(my mother-church), Assemblies of God, Sharon Fellowship, New India Church of God, and many other full-gospel denominations gathered together at Kumbanad in the month of  May in support of this fasting and prayer endeavor.  Pastor Jacob John was taking a high-risk challenge, because if it failed many would have laughed.  However, God gave a clear victory in spite of a few human shortcomings. Let us fan the flames and keep this "prayer-fire" burning.  Do not let the fire die out or dwindle.  Let us not be so selfish to say that only a fire that burns in our own camp is the only real fire.

            Let us also take a few high-risk tasks in the field of evangelization.  Evangelist P.G Vergis, Bishop K.P Yohannan, Dr.Valson Abraham and many other leaders have undertaken challenging evangelistic, educational, humanitarian, and media-based endeavors in India.  Even though we may not agree with everything they do, some of their adventurous efforts for the sake of the Gospel should be appreciated.

            I humbly request you to help me spread ideas of moral value in the Malayalee world. Kindly send me more e-mail addresses of friends and relatives, and also  post this letter, attachments, and links on your network/website.  At present, I have 6,300 email contacts, but I would like to have more email IDs to reach more people with the life-changing, mind-transforming message of  Christ. Together, we can make an impact for the Gospel. May God be glorified. We can do nothing without the grace of God.

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