Building Christ Centered Homes! 

(Excerpt from the doctoral dissertation)
A global culture with no absolutes and values is dominating the planet Earth. This culture views self as the creator and the law-giver, ultimately understanding morality in terms of fulfillment of self. The primary focus of this culture is the enrichment of self and the appeasement of personal desires, where moral ethics and spiritual values have no room. Morality and spiritual preferences are looked down as the products of undeveloped culture and the imagination of wrong attitudes. Since the birth of a global culture every belief system has become available in the market place for public consumption. Therefore, there is no universal consensus about the truth.
Fighting and winning this cultural war is integral for shaping Christ centered homes. There are spiritual forces fighting against the Christian values, which are deeply rooted in the word of God. The spiritual forces under the covering of culture, is invading Christian homes. Biblical values are no more the decision making factor even in many Christian homes. Unless intervened the spiritual development of the emerging generation would be at stake, and their future would be at the cross roads.
In this respect Christian homes should rise up with a sense of urgency and fight against this cultural tide. We cannot allow this culture to take over our homes. If we give in to the pressures of the culture, we are undermining the calling of the emerging generation. We need value driven homes that uphold spiritual principles with the highest priority to shape the emerging generation, who will eventually stand for the Lord and defend the gospel.
The concept of family originated from the heart of Almighty God. Therefore, family is God’s reflection here on earth. Submitting to one another in the love of God and allowing the word of God to set priorities are the basic characteristics of a healthy Christian family. Character development is integral for the new life in Jesus Christ. Christian homes would be different when members of the household walk with Christ in the newness of life and Christ becomes the central figure of family life.
The basic unit of the Greco-Roman society was the household. Even secular ethicists saw the stability of the city-states as dependent upon responsible management of the household. This household concept was very dominant in the Greek culture. The apostle Paul was tremendously influenced by this reality when he gave his authentic and valuable teachings on household and family relationships. Even in his letters, the apostle gave numerous references to the secular households.
Therefore, it is important to understand that homes are the Primary Centers for spiritual development and character formation. Father is the head of the house, as well as the priest of the house. He is the primary person responsible to initiate worship at home. God blessed Job because his priority was to worship God. As the priest of the family he would rise early in the morning and offered burnt offerings according to the number of his children.
The unequivocal truth is, unless the Lord builds the house they that labor labors in vain. In a value driven home parents will be role models. Mutual love and submission between husband and wife is the first step. Parents are to submit to God and allow the word of God to determine their priorities. God’s love and character should be reflected through the parents. Children should be able to look up to them and glorify God.
Children are a blessing from God and blessed children are the privilege of God-fearing parents. Therefore it is equally important that leading a Christ centered life is integral for their stability and steady growth. Bringing them up in Godly ways is the responsibility of parents. In a given God fearing home, parents would be the primary educators. The mental, physical and spiritual growth of a child should begin from home. Character development begins at the very early stage of a child and integrity and uprightness are the fruits of strong character. Loving God and nurturing Godly principles are the essential pillars on which a family can shape strong spiritual values.
Yes, we can build Christ centered homes even in the midst of the current cultural battle. Family values are deeply rooted in the unchanging word of God. Every heart should be bonded in the amazing love that was portrayed on the cross. Mutual submission in the fear of God is integral for a steady growth. Parents’ commitment and intervention to fulfill God’s calling in the lives of their children is equally important. Let us focus on building Christ centered homes, which is the foundation for shaping a strong and Spirit filled generation.
Dr. A U George
Pastor, Peaceway Community Church
Dallas, Texas

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