If you find the attachment about my meetings newsworthy, kindly publish.

I appreciate the support many
of you have have rendered in brotherly love.
Last January, I preached for the Annual Church of God Convention at Thiruvalla. Next year, God
willing, I will be preaching for two IPC conventions. I do not want to limit this ministry to one particular
denomination or group, but want to be available to all.
During the last 42 years of my writing ministry, my mother-church COG, as well as IPC, AG, Sharon,
NICOG, PMG, and many independent believers have supported my writing and evangelistic efforts. The
believers, in general, have not shown any denominational prejudice toward me. I also made available my
free book distribution ministry to all the above denominations without partiality. In some small ways, I
assisted many denominations in their door-to-door evangelization efforts by providing books, booklets,
New Testaments, and tracts free of charges. I have also received support from believers of various
My best preparations and advertisements are not good enough to bless the people. My habit always is
to take every convention very seriously, pray and prepare the maximum for the spiritual aspects and for the
physical facilities of every convention, and put the best effort to attract the maximum number of lost people
to the convention ground through free and paid announcements. I take a personal interest in every convention
for which I am invited.
I do all the above knowing fully that all such efforts are useless without God’s mercy and a fresh
anointing of the Holy Spirit. I am totally dependent on God and the prayers of believers.
I regularly receive about 35 magazines and weeklies. I get dozens of requests each month from editors
to write articles and from authors to write book reviews. I am sorry, I am unable to meet most of these
requests. Kindly understand my situation with my fulltime job, family responsibilities, writing/preaching
ministry, devotional songs composition, and book distribution endeavors. I have an ongoing email ministry
with six thousand people in the list. Hundreds of emails come on a weekly basis, one after another. With no
staff or organization of my own at present, I am unable to keep up with all these. I have my hands full. I am
a 64 year old man, and no longer have the youthful energy. I thank God for His faithfulness.
If I failed to send you articles or replies to your enquiries by email or phone calls, I apologize. Kindly
understand my tight and hectic schedule. When I sit down to write a reply to one letter or email, another
dozen new emails come on the same day. Some of you are busier than me, and you know what I am talking
about. Let us be understanding to each other. Again, I thank you for your support and prayers.

E. C. Samkutty

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