Amidst the escalated issues of Manipur and uproar at the Indian Parliament it is worth noting that Indians and Indian Organizations across the continents commemorate its 77th Independence in many ways

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At this glorious time of reminiscing about the independence of India, we have to think whether we are enjoying the cream of absolute independence.
Many people who were there when India gained independence are still alive today. They have much to be proud of in the progress India has made. But at the same time, there is utter hate, remorse, and shame in today’s political unrest.

Does freedom mean the right to live as you want? Does it mean to speak ill of others and spread hatred against other religions or political movements? We had a few decades of showing fraternity and equality amongst citizens and organizations. Today leaders and their media try to spread lies about those with whom they disagree, even within our families, religions, or organizations.

It is not too late if each citizen and organization try to change their existing agenda of fighting each other and sharing the essence of humanity, love, and equality; no political or religious leader can steal the rights and privileges of Real Independence, as we find in dictionaries. We are sure that a change is inevitable.

This year’s Independence Day theme is ‘Nation First, Always First,’ corresponding with the ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ initiative. The government aims to organize a series of celebrations that encompass the spirit of the historical struggles of the nation for independence.

Then despite all odds, we will attain, appreciate, and celebrate better Independence Days in the years ahead.

On behalf of the Global Indian Council, wish all Indians wherever you are
Dr. Mathew Joys, GIC MEDIA Chair.


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