AGE IS JUST A NUMBER: Fear of God is the beginning of knowledge – Mathew Joys, Las Vegas

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The most-read book, The Holy Bible, contains 31,102 verses, which is made up of 23,145 verses in the Old Testament and 7,957 verses in the New Testament.

Unfortunately, a so-called average Christian does not know at least 10 verses memorized and where they come from. It is not a fault at all; Christians only need to read and live accordingly. If someone can say hundred Bible verses, by heart, it should be admired and recognized.

Alas, here comes an exceptional old grandma, Chinnamma Kolath George, 80 years old, who got the first prize for memory verses from the Bible, along with marking where they come from. She wrote over 156 verses with where it is referred. However, they considered only 124 words for accuracy. Chinnamma George is the late Dr. KM George’s wife who represented in the Bible Verse Competition, and was in the final round of four contestants.



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