international entrepreneurs, and other well-wishers are holding hands together in the network to give back to the community

Global Indian Council (GIC) Inc. is a global network of people of Indian origin whose purpose is to connect, support, promote and empower youth, students, and professionals (generally Indians) worldwide in ventures that would benefit society at large. GIC is a non-political and non-religious organization and non-profit organization. The attraction is that this is the rare organization wherein Social and Cultural organizations/networks with good standing can affiliate to act as an umbrella organization to share humanity’s common good goal.

The founder members of the Global Indian Council from various countries met on 9th July 2022 Saturday at Indian time at 7:00 a.m on a Zoom platform to accept the organization’s vision and mission and elect a global committee.

After a silent prayer Dr. Milind Thomas Themalil, professor of JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur, who held meetings with more than 100 delegates from different parts of the world, welcomed the participants in the meeting. The Organizer of GIC, Mr. P.C.Mathew a former Mahathma Gandhi University Senate member who had proven organizational skill and was a run-off candidate in the municipal election in the City of Garland in Dallas County, Texas, USA, presided the meeting. He had stated that Serving the Community with a “Servant Leadership” attitude will be a great vision, and the great leaders gathered can make a difference by serving others through GIC.

During the meeting Dr. Tara Sajan read the organization’s vision, mission, structure, etc. and the members unanimously accepted the same. In creating a package of beautiful ideas and ideals that unite the Indian community across the globe, Sri. P. C. Matthew, Dr. Attorney Soji John, Dr. Matthew Joys, Adv. Dr. Susan Mathew, former principal of Bishop MooreCollege Kurian Thomas, novelist Prof. K. P. Mathew, Pondicherry, Visiting Professor Sudhir Nambiar, Dr. Jija Madhavan Hari Singh I. P. S (Former Karnataka DGP), Dr. Jacob Punnoos I. P. S (Former Jijo Madhavan Hari Singh D.G.P.), renowned Deepika Delhi Bureau Chief George Kallivyal, Prof. Joy Palattumadom etc.were instrumental indeed.

The logo with the three colors of the Indian flag reflecting the image of India inside in a modern style reflects the ‘G’ reflecting the ‘Global’ in a colored ring of the Ashoka Chakra to evoke the entire concept of the organization. Dr. Jijo Madhavan Hari Singh was elected as the Global Goodwill Ambassador of GIC. In her acceptance speech she said that “the concept of Indian Global Network is beautiful and she owes it to the creation of an Indian brand”.

The following Global Office Bearers were unanimously elected in the meeting:

1. Global President. : P. C. Mathew
2. Vice President. : Prof. Joy Pallattumadom
3. General Secretary : Sudhir Nambiar
4. Associate Secretary. : Adv. Yamini Rajesh
5. Treasurer. : Dr.Tara Shajan
6. Associate Treasurer. : Tom George Kolath

During the meeting, the following Centers for Excellence were identified, and the respective ad-hoc Chairpersons were selected, based on their passion and commitment to leading GIC:

Chairs of Centres for Excellence:

1.- Affiliation of Organizations: Srikumar Menon ( Former Ambassador)

2.- Arts & Culture & Heritage: Dr. Jija Singh I.P.S, DGP(Retd), Bangalore

3.- Business: Dr.J.Raj Mohan Pillai, Kerala

4.- Charity/Humanity: T.K, Vijayan, Oman

5.- Civic Engagement: Yeldho Peter & Attorney Soji John Ph D

6.- Community Outreach: Dr.Mini Venugopal & Dr.Menon UPR

7.- Compliance/Byelaws Amendments: Adv. Susan Mathew

8.- Data Management: Sharath K Edathil $ Chandu Nallur

9.- Education : Dr. Kurien Thomas & Prof. V.C. John, Kerala

10.-Environment: Dr. Eliza Mammen Prasad MD & Pradeep Nayar, Poland

11.- Health & Wellness: Dr. Eapen Jacob MD MPH

12.- Information Technology: Dr. Ajil Abdullah, Kerala
13.- Literature: Prof. K.P. Mathew & Prof. Abraham Varughese, India

14.- Marginalized Community: Dr. Narayanan Kutty.

15.- Media & Publicity: Dr. Mathew Joys, Las Vegas, USA

16.- Nursing & Senior Care: Usha George, New Jersey

17.- Pravasi Legal Cell: Dr. Rajeev Rajdhani & Abdulla Manjeri

18.- Public Relations: Adv. Seema Balasubramanian, Australia

19.- Science & Engg. : Dr. Milind Thomas, Jaipur & Uday Zakorkar

20.- Students Leadership: Teresa Joy & Agness Joy, Australia

21.- Women Empowerment: Sosamma Andrews & Alice Manjery

22.-Youth & Students Empowerment: Dr. Narayan Janga, Austin, Texas

Congratulating the Global Office Bearers, Sri.P.Jacob Punnoose,former Kerala DIG said that after serving in the government service for a long time, he is happy to be part of a great organization like the Global Indian Council. Former Kerala Forester Chief KJ Varghese IFS said that concepts like the Global Indian Council would be a good field of action for Indians all over the world. Former Forest Director T. P. Narayankutty wished all the best to Indians through Indian Council. Sri. Sreekumar Menon, who served as an ambassador in foreign countries, hoped that the Global Indian Council would be a source of support for Indians all over the world.

An incredible team of BRAND AMBASSADORS has already extended their complete pledged guidance and support to our organization, and many others are willing to join us from across the world.


1. Dr. Jija Madhavan Harisingh,(Goodwill Ambassador)

2. Jacob Punnoose IPS DGP (Rtd.)

3. Rishi Raj Singh IPS DGP(Retd.)


5. Dr. Annie Libu

6. Hon. Dr. ANEY PAUL

7. Dr. S.S. LAL

8. Kamlesh C Mehta


10. Manoj Abraham IPS ADGP


12. K.J. Varghese IFS (Retd.)

13. Dr. Varghese Perayil

14. Dr.Saji Thomas UN (Retd)

15. Adv.Jose Abraham

GIC is being instituted on the robust and loyal support of our more than a hundred Founder Members, and we are proud to mention the names of the rest of the founding members:

Anil.T, (Dubai), Adv. Aniyan George, (New Jersey), Adv. Deepak Mammen, Adv. Joby Varghese, (Delhi), Adv. Jogi, Adv. Taji George, (Bangalore), Aith Namboothiri, Anil Augustin, BabuRajan, (Qatar), Balakrishnan, Benjamin thomas, Darsana, Divya Warrier, Dr. Ameer Altaf, (TN), Dr. Bhargav Prajjwal Pathri, (India), Dr. Chandra Mittal, (Houston), Dr. Daisy Christopher, Dr. Jacob Thomas, (New York), Dr. PV Cherian, (Bahrain), George Joseph, (Bahrain), Gijoy George, Jaisy George, (Dallas), Jay Malhotra, (Houston), JKC India, Joseph Ponnoli,(Houston) Joy K. Mathew, (Austraila), Krishnakumar Edathil, Mathews Abraham, Mathukutty Alumparambil, Mayank,Mini Sudir, Mr. Arvand, Poland, Ms. Hema Virani, New York, Ms. Sangeetha Dua, (Houston), NJ Johnson DySP (Rtd.), Parveen Chopra, (New York), PP Sasindran, Pro-Term Mayor Ken Mathew, (Houston), USA,Prof. Shaji Philip, (China), Rajiv Alexander, Ray Pillai, (Australia), Rona Thomas, (Oman), Sabiq P Valappil, Sabu Kurien, Atlanta USA, Saji Mathews, (Bangalore), Sanjeev Kumar, Satya Singh, Shaji Philip, (Bangalore), Shiva USA, Subash Rasdan, Subins Sebastian, Sudhir Mohan, Sumeet, Tampanoor Mohan, BC (Canada),Tobin Tom, (Dallas, USA), Raju Kurien, (Saudi Arabia),Dr. Shuti Naa Poddar, Ekta Rajarhia Meenadi, Dr. Kumar Rajapan, Manju Ramachandran Avaidi

They have been networking with their contacts having similar interests and ideologies, sparkled by the Founding Organizer with multiple leaders Mr. P. C. Mathew, Sudhir Nambiar, and the team.It is a four-tier organization comprised of global, National, State, and Chapters.

GIC is officially launching on Saturday July 30th, on Zoom and other social media platforms. The GIC website will soon be available with more details.

News Report: Dr. Mathew Joys, Las Vegas

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