New Nissan products touch down in India

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  • Three global models showcased for the first time: X-Trail, Qashqai and Juke
  • Nissan begins testing SUV line-up in India for future feasibility
  • Assessment takes place as part of wide-ranging study for the next phase of Nissan in the Indian market


KOCHI – Nissan has announced that it is studying the feasibility of two of its most popular global models for the dynamic Indian market.

 Confirming that testing has begun on the X-Trail and Qashqai, while at the same time showcasing the Juke, Nissan aims to assess their suitability for the rapidly evolving Indian consumer base.

 Focusing specifically on their adaptability to Indian roads and differing terrains, the tests will assess each vehicle’s ability to meet customers’ needs. Starting this month, the vehicles are being put through their paces by Nissan’s top engineers on the roads that surround the company’s manufacturing plant in Chennai.

 “The Indian market has boundless potential, and it is critical that we introduce the best vehicle line-up to align with what modern Indian consumers want and need,” said Frank Torres, President, Nissan India. “Following the success of the Nissan Magnite in India, we plan to strengthen our focus and leverage our expertise on high-quality SUVs that have become synonymous with our reputation.”

 Over the coming weeks, Nissan will be identifying the feasibility of models from its global portfolio for the future potential vehicle line-up in India. Once testing is complete, the X-Trail will be introduced for sale first, followed by other models.

 These vehicle assessments are part of a holistic study that Nissan is undertaking to prepare for its future in India. The wide-ranging review also includes securing future localised production for the long-term viability of domestic and export manufacturing, as well as exploring the potential for electrification in the longer term.

 “The success of Nissan Magnite has shown what’s possible for the Indian market when you combine an excellent product with manufacturing competitiveness, supported by strong government partnerships. We look forward to strengthening Nissan’s presence in India and delivering further innovation and excitement for our Indian customers,” said Torres.

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 Report : Aishwarya