Women’s Day on March 8, theming #EmbraceEquity – Dr. Mathew Joys, Las Vegas

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Womanhood layered in beauty as the icing on a cake, is part of the God-given divinity within each woman, surviving against all intimidating and daunting odds.

All women are the most attractive , gorgeous creatures in the whole world. Some poets praising them even portrayed a woman, similar to drops of tears.

Women’s history celebrations are growing in popularity, and more people become aware of the contributions of women and girls.

Women’s History Month is a monthly celebration highlighting women’s contributions to history and contemporary society. March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day in the United States, England, and Australia.

Think of a woman. One Lifetime with many roles to play, with too much male supremacy and pressure roaming around her, which include non-emotional activity spreads across the family, workplace, community, and so on. Still, She lives every moment, enduring the challenges and making them beautiful.

But what is the fundamental role of women on earth?. Want to be a successful professional or a prominent leader of a country, or is it only to get married and have as many children, he needs?

Women often weigh themselves less than males, but she does not realize how strong she is unless she realizes their self-worth. The peculiarity of women’s life is that many roles can be equally beautiful. But it is not that easy, and every woman plays roles throughout her life by making more than little compromises with her own life.

Let us look around to see the beauty and beast of her characters.

The highest recognition follows her when a woman becomes a mother and takes a new birth in the form of ‘everything’ for her children. A new life begins to see. Mentor, friend, philosopher, and guide grows with the baby again. Caring for a baby is not easy, but when every woman becomes a mother, all the skills come together, and she completes all the tasks beautifully, with her dozen invisible hands.WoW!

A woman’s next role is a daughter in a beautiful dress, like a fluffy flower that brings a new meaning to parents’ lives. When a daughter is born, the parents’ dreams and outlook on life will change. Life revolves around her. It is generally believed that a girl can give more beautiful moments than a boy.

As a sister, she gives love and care to her brothers. These are innate traits that come as a part of a woman. Having a sister as a good friend and confidant is a great blessing for any brother. In the atomic families, they miss that golden opportunities.

A woman’s body is more sensitive and emotional than a man’s. Having a great female friend who can empathize and analyze any situation in life can be enough to protect you from crises. Having a female friend to stand by in any position in life is the best thing.

When a man takes a woman into his life, he expects a partner who will make his life happy. He always expects only happiness and cares from his wife. But in doing so, the wife’s dreams are often sacrificed, but for the man’s good, the wife can stay with him without complaining.

Along with married life comes a new position, daughter-in-law. In addition to her parents, only the woman can consider her husband’s parents in that position. She also takes on that position with love and compassion. She accepts them as her parents, meeting their needs and being with them.

Nowadays, when education is standard and work is essential, women are making their presence felt in the professional world with enthusiasm. Women shine in different fields, like entrepreneurs, businesswomen, CEOs, top professionals, and officials in high posts.

Then we see her roles as a mother-in-law or the grandmother teaching good old stories to the kids at home. She has so many roles, tasks and missions to accomplish, and she is equipped with the potential to adapt diligently to the characters during her lifetime.

Now it is the era to break the shackles in the minds of the women and that wants to tell the whole world that the kitchen is not the only place where a woman belongs.
No doubt, Margaret Thatcher stated an absolute truth “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something to be done, ask a woman.”

As India enters a new era, having achieved 75 years of freedom and 73 years of being an independent republic, we salute all the women who’ve made India proud through their grit, determination, and courage to set new rules.

Compiled by: Dr. Mathew Joys, Las Vegas.