AAPI’s 41st Annual Convention Begins in Philadelphia, PA

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(Philadelphia, PA—July 7th, 2023) The 41st annual American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Convention and Scientific Sessions began on July 6th, 2023 at the famous Philadelphia Marriott Downtown in Philadelphia, the birthplace of US Independence.

Attended by over 500 delegates from around the nation, the coming together of esteemed physicians and their families offers an exciting venue to interact with leading physicians, healthcare professionals, academicians, and scientists of Indian origin from across the country, participating in the scholarly exchange of medical advances, developing health policy agendas, and encouraging legislative priorities in the coming year.

In his welcome address, Dr. Ravi Kolli, President of AAPI said, “It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you all to the 41st annual American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Convention and Scientific Sessions. The convention provides a forum for members to facilitate and enable physicians to help excel inpatient care, teaching and research, and to pursue their aspirations in professional and community affairs, by providing opportunities for business partnerships and relationships and to celebrate, coordinate and communicate.”

Dr. Raghu Lolabhattu, Chair and ECO of the Convention praised the wonderful team who have been planning for months and organizing the event to make the 2023 annual convention a memorable experience. “We have been working hard to put together an attractive program for our annual get together, educational activity and family enjoyment. We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of convention committee members helping us to make this event truly historic.”

While introducing Congressman Shri Thanedar, Dr. Sreeni Ganagsani, incoming Treasurer of AAPI and Chair of CME Committee, said, “Shri Thanedar proudly represents the people of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District. Congressman Thanedar is passionate about fighting to improve the lives of hard-working families across the United States.”

In his keynote address, Rep. Thanedar, the 5th member to join the Samosa Caucus in the US House shared with the audience about his humble beginnings in India and how his application to come to the United States to pursue Doctoral Degree was denied four times by the Indian Consulate in Mumbai. “Today, I am proud to state that I had the honor of escorting the Prime Minister of India to deliver his address to the joint session of the US Congress.”

Born into a large family in Southern India, he knows firsthand the struggles and stigma of poverty, and I had started working as a janitor to meet the needs of my family. “That’s why he’s committed to fighting for more education and job training resources for southeast Michigan, a higher minimum wage, universal health care, and programs to jumpstart entrepreneurship in historically disenfranchised communities. Together, these initiatives will close the racial wealth gap and help more families in the United States,” he said.

Thanedar praised the great contributions of the physicians who worked so hard, especially during the Covid, saving millions of lives.” Congressman Thanedar, who has been instrumental in starting the Hindu Caucus in the US House with the intention of eradicating discrimination on the basis of religion or any other means, wowed to “fight for the transformation of the broken immigration system in the US.”

In his remarks on the great philanthropic activitirs carried out throuthg the Heart to Heart Foundation, Dr. Sunny Anand said, “We’ve been going to villages trying to deliver medical care, and it’s been a journey of more than 50 years. Within the last 10 years, we have set up 10 hospitals where there is no cash counter there is no billing department. All the care is given totally free of course. Our Foundation has touched the lives of so many with more than 220,000 consultations 26,000 heart surgeries or cat interventions completely free of cost. And we are now talking to you about rural Medical College. Come join us in our endeavor to touch many more lives and transform the lives of the rural poor.”

The Regional Directors of AAPI were recognized for their leadership and commitment to the mission o0f AAPI with a plaque presented by Shri Thanedar to each of them.

The entertainment sessions of the inaugural night kickstarted with the “AAPI’s Got Talent contest” where AAPI members showcased their hidden talents. The highly sought after event was led by Dr. Amit Chakrabarty, the incoming Vice President of AAPI and Dr. Seema Arora, past Chair of AAPI BOT. Other cultural programs for the evening included, Bishakh Jyoti Live, Garba and Mehfil & Khaas.

For more information on AAPI and its many programs and activities, please visit: www.aapiconvention.org

Ajay Ghosh

Media Coordinator, AAPI


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