Quick and painless cataract surgery at Aarya Eye Care

The painless process can be completed in minutes, and a patient requires no rest after the procedure.

Thrissur: Aarya Eye Care Super Speciality Eye Hospital is the pioneer institution that offers a quick and painless solution to Cataracts. This ultra-modern procedure can resolve the difficulties caused by cataracts within minutes, and patients can immediately return to normalcy without needing any rest. The painless cataract surgery at Aarya Eye Care Hospital requires no injection compared to the painful traditional cataract surgical method, which involves an injection and a recovery period of more than one month. Hundreds of cataract patients benefited from this new and revolutionary cataract surgical procedure within a short period. Aarya Eye Care’s new method has caused a paradigm shift in perspectives of cataract patients who often ignored and procrastinated the surgical procedure due to the pain involved and longer duration of the recovery period. “Many times, patients refuse to get cataract surgery due to the difficulties involved. Many patients cannot afford the recovery period of Cataract Surgery. However, that will only increase the risk of worsening the condition. Early detection and early treatment are the best and most effective ways to treat cataracts”, said Dr. Minudath K. B, Managing Director and Ophthalmologist at Aarya Eye Care.

The new surgical procedure at Aarya Eye Care Hospital significantly reduces the amount of medicine intake and requires no stitching or bandage. The patients can go to their homes the very next day after the procedure with their eyes open. The only precaution they require is to prevent water from getting inside the eyes for five days. Since the patients are not hospital-bound, they do not require bystanders before, during, or after this procedure. While most advanced hospitals still follow the traditional method, Aarya Eye Care introduces and follows the latest and safest technologies for making the lives of people better.

Apart from the Cataract surgery, the Oculoplasty department offers removal of eye bags and wrinkles, correction of lid deformities, and Botox-Injection treatment. The retina department is equipped with OCT Angiography which is the latest technology to detect the earliest diabetic retinopathy changes. Treatment of all kinds of squint-eye (strabismus) is also provided. The services of expert doctors are available for all sorts of eye ailments.

Report :  Navya Susan Mathew

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